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Landscaping Services in Spokane, Washington State

Do you want to create stunning outdoor spaces that reflect your style quotient? Does your commercial property need some sprucing up to make a positive impression on your clients? For both types of landscaping services- residential and commercial- PNW Lawncare is your one-stop solution. We help maintain lawns around your home and along your office or store. Our team has a wealth of knowledge which makes them very knowledgeable. With our reliable services, you can turn your home into a haven and enhance the aesthetic value of your commercial property.

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Landscape Design

We create beautiful outdoor spaces for your commercial properties. We design welcoming entrances and keep your lawns well-manicured. Your flower beds will flourish after our service, and so will your trees. Our installation process is efficient and minimally disruptive to your daily operations, ensuring a smooth transition from design to reality.

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Seasonal Color Programs

Our expert horticulturists will design and install stunning seasonal flower displays that add pops of color and visual interest to your landscape. Whether it’s spring bulbs, summer annuals, or fall foliage, we carefully select and arrange plants to create beautiful displays that leave a lasting impression and enhance the overall ambiance of your property.

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Planting and Garden Beds

Our team helps you select the plants for your garden bed depending on the climate and soil conditions. You can opt for vibrant flower beds or organic herbs. We will carefully plant and arrange them to create stunning focal points and captivating landscapes that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Your garden beds will flourish like never before with our excellent services.

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Mike SLakeside, CA

We are SUPER pleased with their work and look forward to getting our driveway done with them!

Dave T.San Diego, CA

We have used these folks several times, they are super knowledgable and do a great job, will definitely use again

Bud S.San Diego, CA

Matthew and Jose went out of their way to do an outstanding job of stripping and resealing.
I will definitely recommend and use them in the future.

Heather G.San Diego, CA

They were very nice and respectful and did a fantastic job on the patio. They were hard working - they were able to get the job done in 3 days as promised. I highly recommend them!!

Maulik D.San Diego, CA

Great work. They came and refinished my pavers that had some issues with the sealer. I am happily satisfied with the job...They ll do a great job at a nice price.

Jason T.Poway, CA

Paver Saver saved the day! The crew was professional and on time. Now our patio looks great! Thank you Paver Saver!

PNW Lawncare is locally owned and operated by brothers Michael and Chad. We have been mowing lawns since we were 8 years old. We have a great passion for making lawns look beautiful.


Your Trusted Paver Installer in Houston Texas

At Paverock, we redefine elegance and durability through our exceptional range of paving solutions. Our dedicated craftsmanship shines through in every project, creating spaces that are not only functional but are a reflection of our client’s aesthetic aspirations. With a rich legacy rooted in quality and an innovative approach, we bring forth a blend of traditional artistry and modern precision to deliver pavers that are truly in a class of their own. Whether it’s driveways, patios, or walkways, our comprehensive paving solutions are designed to withstand the test of time while adding a touch of sophistication to every property.

Our commitment goes beyond just delivering top-notch pavers. We foster enduring relationships with our clients, offering personalized consultations to understand and bring their vision to fruition. Our expert team works tirelessly, employing the latest technology and adhering to the highest industry standards, ensuring each project is executed to perfection. At Paverock, we don’t just lay pavers, we create enduring legacies of exquisite design and robust quality, paving the path to a beautiful, resilient, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

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